Kortingsbon hekken kampioen

kortingsbon hekken kampioen

Everything for a sale. Good prise for good kwality. He spent a lot of time to explain everything in detail and gave us a lot of advice on how to configure our kitchen. We didn't expect to close the deal when we entered the keukenkampioen showroom at Delft but the salesman Ozgur Vardi and manager Chiong Chow answered all our questions in a professional and friendly manner, helped us realize our dream kitchen and made every effort. We have diacussed a lot over the equipment which i would like to have in the kitchen and after all i am very happy with my choice. What is not nice is that I though I am signing the document for preliminary kitchen design, not the obligation to buy the kitchen that was not final, not measured and not agreed. Chiong Chow, we were able to discuss openly our desires and expectations and he was advising us and thinking with us to match the expectations with the costs. Great experience all along.

Excellent service and support in all aspects. I receive good advicea and i hope that I will be very happy using them.

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Thanks for the pleasant and welcoming reception. Very friendly and cozy atmosphere. Theewater uit korting jumbo tapt u uit een aparte heetwater tapkraan. He is very flexible and customer service oriented who listens to the customer instead of being pushy. Moeradjan for your careful listening and realistic advice.

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